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Title: Snap
Author: Seremala
Pairings: Karl/Viggo implied, Karl/Viggo/Joseph Byrne
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't know them. I'm not getting any money from this. It's all make believe.
Beta: I have none. All mistakes are mine.
Warning: I know nothing about Australian festivals so this is purely imagination.

Note: *takes big breath* I am taking the fic challenge posted by liriel1810 meme. This is first for me and frankly I'm a little apprehensive about it. It will be ten stories in all. I don't know how long it will take me to complete it but I do plan to finish this. *lets breath out*

The list of pairings and story line can be found here:

photo boothCollapse )
Title: Trust Me
Author: Seremala
Pairing: Vigorli
Warning: Angst but with a slightly happy ending, mention of BDSM
Beta: I have none. The mistake are all mine.
Disclaimer: I don't know them. I don't make money from this. I just use their likeness.
Summary: Trust is broken.

I trusted you so why don’t you trust yourself?
Why don’t you trust me?
I trusted you to give me what I needed.
I trusted you to give me what I wanted.
I trusted you to believe when I said stop and when I didn’t.
I trusted you not to turn away at the marks of my satisfaction.

You let me down.
You broke that trust with a single look.
That furrowed brow.
You broke that trust with a single sound.
That troubled sigh.

Now I’m ashamed of the marks that once gave me pride.

I do trust you.
But the marks still bother me at times.
They look so painful even when you say they’re not.

Don’t hide them from me.
Don’t turn away when I enter the room.
Don’t dress in the dark.

I need to see them.
I need to touch them.
I need to see you happy with them.
And then I might come to understand.
They are marks of pride not shame.

Note from author: Viggo is going to take good care of Orlando. It's going to be alright but for now he has agreed to gag and tie down his pushy sub and show him some real pride so that I can write something else for awhile.

Jan. 23rd, 2010

TItle: Dance for me
Author: Seremala
Pairings: Vigorli
Warnings: R, BDSM, AU
Beta: I have none. All the mistakes are my fault.
Disclaimer: I don't know them. I'm not making any money off this. I'm only using their likeness.
Summary: Orlando gets a special request from Viggo.

Note: This is a continuation of "I Want It", which was original meant to be a single fic but Orlando wasn't done talking yet. As you can see he does all the talking. I might need to use a ball gag to get him to shut up. Each part will be in first person. This story takes place in AU. Neither of the characters are actors. The age difference between the two is not as great, only about ten years. Viggo is still older in Orlando. There will be at least one more very short fic planned and possibly a prequel telling the story of how the two met. If you'd like to see more, please send comments.

Why am I sitting in this empty office again? Because I told him I enjoyed it last time. I did. Well, I enjoyed the hard spanking and the mind-blowing fucking after wards but doing this in my office space still gives me the willies.

He wants me to dance for him. He wants a strip tease of all things and if I do a good job I know he will give me what I want. I guess he liked the last tease I gave him. I just have to find some decent music. I’m more easily inspired when I have something to grind my hips to.

His idea of strip tease music is some burlesque junk. Who can be sexy with that blaring away in one’s ear? I like something slower, softer, sultrier. I found the right sound in the most unlikely of places. A neighbor’s collection. She’s a fifty-something lady who grew up on pop music and boys bands. The day after my partner made his request I had the opportunity to go round to her place. She’s brilliant with African violets and has been teaching me her secrets. She was working in her shed when I found her. I had to grin as the portly woman swaying to the spirited tunes. After she revived my sick plants I asked to borrow one of her CD’s.

Now I’m kneeling on the carpet in the middle of the quiet office trying to center myself. My partner told me to wait for him while he collected a couple of items. I extend my arms above my hand stretching my shoulder and back muscles than slowly bend forward until my fingertips touched the floor. Bracing my weight on my palms I spread my legs, thrust out my bum and flex my back. I want to be as limber as possible. Be ready for anything, yeah. With my muscles warmed up I return to my original position – on my knee, legs spread, hands clasped at the small of my back and eyes on the floor.

He enters the room and settles himself in the plush office chair I chose for him. He sits the CD player down beside him and pushes the start button.

I take a deep breath and raise my eyes to him as the music starts. My hands unclasp and drop to my sides. The music pumps out a easy hot beat drawing my fingers around to the front of my thighs where they inch up the center of my trousers. My hands slide over my thighs and up over my hip bones never stopping until they have reached their limits high above my head. The path they took avoid all the best parts like my cock and nipples. I gracefully rise to my feet and arch my back. The stretch pulls the fabric on the front of my trousers tighter so that he can get a good look at what this is already doing to me. Then my fingers take a return trip back down my front lingering around the neglected areas and ending with a gentle squeeze to my swelling crotch. Never do my eyes leave his.

He stares back at me. He doesn’t smile or frown. He just sits there. I don’t know if I’m getting to him or not. I want him to be happy, to please him. I go on.

Following the beat of the music I stalk toward him stopping at the end of his knee. I’m still staring into his eyes as I reach for the buttons of my trousers. I sway my hips from side to side while loosing the button and lowering the zipper. A strong twitch to the left and right sends the material to the floor. I plan to just simply step out of the trousers with a flick of each foot but the material stubbornly clings to one ankle. I dropped my eyes briefly to deal with the problem. I thought he would notice the clumsiness but he was too into the rhythm of my body to notice the tiny stumble.

My shirt is next to go. I work the buttons loose from their holes and then spread the material open baring my chest. I am not eager to end the show so instead of simply dropping the shirt on top of my trousers I lean forward over him until I could touch the wall behind him. I lower my body and skimmed my bare chest over his clothed one.

That breaks the spell. He could no longer stay passive. He reaches to frame my hips loosely as I ungulate against him. He wants to touch but not inhibit the dance. When I lift away he runs his hands up my chest and tweaks each nipple wringing a soft moan from mouth. I’m tempted to straddle his hips and rock until we both are hard and needy but I'm not finished yet. When he gets what he wants I get what I want.

I straighten and shrug my shirt my shoulders and then run my hands over my body as the music plays on. The beat draws me in and my eyes finally close as my fingers run back and forth along the edge of my briefs. I considered going commando for this evening but I wanted my performance to last as long as possible. I move closer to him forcing him to spread his legs so I can fit between them. I subtly dip one side of the fabric down and then the other inching the briefs slowly down my hips and over my thighs. When the material bunches around my knees I turn around and bend over thrusting my naked bum into his face. I let loose of the briefs and lower my ass to his groin rubbing it back and forth over the prominent bulge in the fabric. He grips each ass cheeks and squeezes wringing a deeper moan from my lips. The sensation tested my patience to finish what I had started.

I push away from him and complete the moves with a series of stretches and intimate touches before dropping to my knees when the music fades away.

He leans forward and tips my face up to him. I look into his eyes and see pride. "You’ve been practicing." He said and kissed my lips. I hadn’t really. It’s just that dancing for him gives me such a high that it comes out that way. I blush and lower my eyes. There is nothing more that he could say to me that would have more affect except perhaps ‘bend over and assume the position’. I smile and wait.

He gets up and crosses the room to retrieve a straight back chair. The chair is placed in front of his chair and he sits down again. He doesn’t need to say anything more. I get to my feet and kneel on the chair with my arms fold across the back. This position leaves me something firm to lean on and my bum at the right height for smacking. He rises and walks around me inspecting my posture.

He rummages in his knapsack for what he needs. He returns with my favorite paddle and something shiny in his hands. He has brought nipple clamps tonight. He always has something new to surprise me with. He has me kneel up and attaches each of the steel jaws to my tight nubs. A clamps pinch but after a few good swats from the paddle the clamps will be the least of my pains. The cold chain linking the clamps drops to my chest. If I know my partner he will tug on the chain several times during my spanking to remind me the clamps are still there.

With just my favorite paddle in hand, he runs his hand tenderly over my bare behind and lines up for the first strike. When it comes, it’s nothing. Just a lot of noise. He strikes me again leaving a red mark on each cheek. After that he alternates between a series of fast smacks and intimate touches. I grit my teeth during the initial strikes and push into his hand during the soothing caresses. I love when he runs the handle of the paddle up my crack. Perhaps one day he will stop teasing and just push it into me.

It is always painful at first but eventually the heat spreads and I relax into the rhythm of the beating. I ask for more. I ask for harder and he agrees. The smacks now drive me forward into the back of the chair. The longer sets of smacks leave me gasping and shaking. I don't even notice when he pulls on the chain swinging in front of me. It’s getting harder to hold myself up. My arms tremble. My ass burns. When I’ve had enough I collapse over the back of the chair.

My partner puts the paddle away and returns to my side. He quiets my shudders by messaging my scalp and shoulders. I love it when he cards his fingers through my curls. He pushes the hair out of my eyes and kisses my lips. The first touch of his tongue I open willingly for him. I let him have control of the kiss letting it last as long as he wishes. When he releases my mouth I climb off the chair and head for the nearest wall. I look back at him and pleas with my eyes. He prefers that a vocalize my desires but I'm too strung out from the spanking to put my request into words. He lets it go this time and moves to stand behind me. I place my hands on the wall and spread my legs opening myself to him. He unzips his pants and frees his cock. I push back into him letting him know I am ready. The friction of his pants on my sore ass fuels my need. He lines up his dick and thrusts his hips forward. I push back at the same time and drive his prick deep into my heat. The burn is exquisite. Nothing better. Like coming home after a long hard day and relaxing in my favorite chair. I feel complete and at ease. Even when the material repeatedly rubbed against my abused bottom I sigh and push into it.

I'm glad that I had the foresight to lube and stretch before he arrived because I couldn't have waited for even the most basic of preparation. Three or four good thrusts and its all over. I arched my back and cried out as I empty myself onto the wall. The clamps on my tender nipples wring an extra shudder from my body and extend my pleasure. He comes shortly after me with a series of erratic twitches and a groan. He leans heavily against me keeping me pinned to the wall and both of us on our feet. Our breathing slows until moving again is possible. He wraps his arms around me and shifts sideways until he can collapse into the chair. He pulls me into his lap and I melt into his blessed warmth. My head drops to his shoulder and he releases my sore nubs from the punishing clamps. I don’t know how long we stayed like that but eventually we dressed, clean the wall and went home. I couldn’t wait to show him the new marks on my backside and tell him how pride I am to wear them for him. After tonight I will dance for him anytime.

The End


Ficlet Meme – stolen from liriel1810

Note: I'm posting this here so I don't lose it again. I do intend to write these (I pinky swear) but just not yet.

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a ficlet for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

 My list was:

1. Orlando
2. Sean
3. Karl
4. William Turner
5. Diego
6. Viggo
7. Balian
8. Rent boy
9. Joseph Byrne
10. Shy


Seriously, if you're even contemplating maybe doing this, write down your list of characters before you click on the cut - and then don't go back and change them either. I plan to have a lot of fun with this one.

The Prompts:

a) First Time – 4,6
b) Angst – 7
c) AU – 1,8
d) Threesome – 3,6,9
e) Hurt/Comfort – 5,10
f) Crack Fic – 1

g) Horror – 10
h) Baby Fic – 5,9
i) Dark – 2,8
j) Romance – 4,7
k) Death Fic – 2,3

Can you tell I favor Orlando? *grins* I'm going to keep this list and the prompts and work on it. I don't know how long it will take me but I post them one at a time.

Jan. 1st, 2010

TItle: I Want It
Author: Seremala
Pairing: Vigorli
Rating: R, AU
Warnings: Submission, BDSM, toys
Beta: I have none. All the mistakes are my fault.
Disclaimer: I don't know them. I'm not making any money off this. I'm only using their likeness.
Summary: Someone learns that if he asks he will get what he wants.

Note: If BDSM is not your thing then skip this one and wait for the next. I haven't put in any names except in the pairing. I know which is which but I'm going to leave it up to you to decide who is who.

I knew it was going to be an intense session when I saw him perusing the wooden kitchen spoons and the ping pong paddles. It was just as well that the sex store was out of the leather paddle we had been looking for. He always did his best work when he used common items on me. This meant I was finally going to get the session I had been pleading for. I missed his stop by the bug sprays and cleaning supplies. The fly swatter was a complete surprise.

I’ve never liked doing anything kinky where I work but he was always pushing me to expand my experiences. Deep down I suspected that it didn’t really matter to him. I would be the one embarrassed and subsequently fired if we were caught but every time I mention that he just shrugs his shoulders and tell me that he can support both of us. I am much cheaper to keep than a woman.

The first part of his plan was to nudge me from office to office picking some intimate part of my body to grope each time. One time it would be my nipples the next he would shove his hand down the front of my dress trousers and fondle my dick. He said he wanted to do something naughty in every room before the new year. Mark the whole place with our presence. I stayed completely dressed until we hit the file room. When he pulled me in there he ordered me to remove my shirt. His hands mapped my bare chest. His fingers tweaked my nipples. He told me he liked me like that and wouldn’t let me put it down on. I kept it clutched in front of me like a shield against the possible appearance of another employee. Logic should tell me that no one is going to show up now but I couldn't get passed the feeling.

In the last office he orders me to strip. Naked in the office? An abandoned office but still. The guy who used to use this space moved the last of his junk out two days ago. All that was left were a couple of chairs and the holiday decorations that I had just taken down. Now it was my stage to show off what I had.

He sits in one of chair and leans back waiting for the show to begin. If it's a show he wants than that is what I will give him. I back up giving myself plenty of room and spread my legs a bit. The shirt that I had been holding ever since the file room is dropped on the floor behind me. I look straight into his eyes and reached for the button on my trousers. My fingers shake as I push the button through the hole and  then drew down the zipper. I straightened up and gave my hips a bit of a wiggle and the material slips from my hips to pool around my ankles. I kick it aside one foot at a time my shoes going with it. I'm now down to my boxers. The last bit of protection between me and total nudity. I slowly turned my back on him and spread my legs and bend forward seductively. I wanted him to have an unobscured view of my tight ass and my full balls as I lower my boxers. I push them past my thighs and coyly glance behind me. He's riveted to the tensing muscles of my thighs. I try catching his attention but he never meets my gaze. I finished my strip tease by crawling out of my boxers, straightening my spine and pivoting to face him.

His eyes drank in the lines of my body. They roam hungrily up and down my naked form. I tried to see what he sees but the door leading to the rest of the office remained a great distraction. I can't get past the thought that someone might show up. The agents in the office were a strange bunch, workaholics the whole lot of them. It would be just like one of them to stop in to check their phone messages and grab a file for someone who needs help over the weekend. It made no difference that it was 8:00 on New Year's Eve. Business comes first.

He orders me to his side and pulls me down on his lap facing away from him. That way he can play with my nipples and stroke my cock at his leisure. When he has me moaning and pushing back against him he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring. He slides it over my swollen member. I won't be coming anytime soon.

After the ring is cinched up around the base of my cock my partner pushes me to my feet and drags me from the office and down the hall to the men's room. I guess we had one room left to christen. The men's room is a slightly safer location for me since I could lock the door but my clothes remained in the abandoned office. After he finishes with me here I will still have to navigate the hall buck-naked in order to retrieve them. Not that I think that he is in any way done with me.

He bends me over the toilet and unzips his pants. He teases me with his cock rubbing it up and down my crack. I can feel my own cock swelling in response to the stimulus. It's only a tease to get me wound tighter. It's very effective. The first time I push back against him he hauls me back up and propels me back toward to empty office.

He pushes me to the floor and orders me to me hands and knees. His belt is wrapped around me wrists and my arms stretched out in front of me. He wraps the other end of the leg of one of the chairs. Now my ass is raised and stretched tight ready for anything he wishes to do to me.

He knows what I want but up until now he has been unwilling to work me long enough or hard enough to leave a mark. I finally had to beg for it. Tell him I would be proud to wear his marks. Tonight I will hold out as long as I can. Take what ever he dishes out.

He starts with his hand and then progresses to the paddle. Every time I get comfortable with the pain level he switches the tempo or intensity. He throws in the fly swatter every now and then just to keep me on edge. The swatter stings. It doesn't let me settle into head-space. It's the consistent swing of the paddle that does the job.

There is someone moaning. It's me. I'm moving with the strikes. I've lost track of him. He is only an extension of the piece of wood he swings. I'm shifting deeper into the head-space until I can hardly feel the blows anymore. It's enough. I tell him to stop then turn and drop to me knee.

His pants are unbuttoned and half unzipped. I finish the job and let his cock spring free. He is so hard. As wanting as I. I can't wait to latch onto him. Suck him down. Drown in his scent. It's what I want. What I was made for.

He comes hard with his hand resting lightly on the back of my head. He isn't forcing me. He intensifying the connection between us.

Later, at home, he lets me come hard in the comfort of our own bed with his dick buried deep in my hole. When I'm finished he lets me rest against him while he strokes gently over my abused flesh. I smile when he tells me how proud is in of me, after all, it is all I've ever wanted.

Title: You Needed Me 2/?
Author: Seremala
Rating: PG for this chapter
Pairings: DM/BB/EW implied, OB/KU, OB/?
Warnings: AU, th boys are much younger than their actual ages and are not actors
Summary: Orlando goes on a holiday that changes the direction of his life.
Disclaimer: I don't know them. I don't know anything about their sexual preferences. I'm not making anything off of this.
Beta: Don't have one. All the mistakes are mine.
Feedback: Please, this story is close to my heart and I'd like to know that people are enjoying it.

Song Fic: You Needed Me by Ann Murray

"I'm going out and if you don't come with me it will be all your fault."

Orlando didn't know why he would be to blame for what ever Dom intended to get up to but the suddenness of his entrance left Orlando off balance and he gave in without even thinking about it.

Now that he had his friend's cooperation, Dom tried to pacify a very nervous Orlando by saying that they were just going to drive around town so Dom could show him some of the places he had told Orlando about. True to his word, Dom just drove around town. They didn't stop anywhere and pause for very long. After about a half hour of cruising Dom suggested that they go see his friend, Junior. He said he only wanted to drop by to say hello and tell Junior he was home after which he and Orlando could head immediately back home. Orlando was okay with that.

Junior's father ran the motel off of I-75. It was a bit run down and looked more like the local hang-out then a place for tourist.

Junior wasn't at the motel but Dom was told he was down at the diner. What Dom failed to mention before heading that way was that Billy's father ran the diner. Dom pulled up by the trailer parked in the side lot and got out. Orlando followed him obediently. Dom rapped firmly on the aluminum door and stood back.

The young man that came to the door was Junior. His real name was Elijah but then so was his father so thus the Junior. Junior had the biggest blue eyes that Orlando had ever seen. Orlando moved from the shadows just as another boy joined Elijah. This one Orlando recognized, it was Billy. Dom had showed him several pictures of his friend.

Dom looked genuinely surprised to see Billy.

"Hey, Bills, didn't expect to see you here. I was looking for Junior."

Billy didn't know what to think of Dom's remarks. Why wouldn't he be in his own trailer. He did live here after all and why would he be looking for Junior. Dom and Junior had an argument before Dom left for that school. Something about a bet. Billy didn't have time to get anything out of Dom before he left and Junior refused to discuss it. If Billy had been the jealous type he might even he suspicious of the whole scene. Billy decided to let it slide and pushed by Junior descending the metal steps.

"Yeah, now that you're here and you've found him, why don't you run us over to Karl's. His brother is having a bit of a party and we're without wheels."

"Sure, Bills, I can do that. This here is Orlando, a guy from school."

Billy acknowledged the new kid with a flick of his head and headed for the car. Before Orlando knew what was happening he, Dom, Junior and Billy were in the car and heading for a new location. Orlando had no idea where they were going so he decided that all he could do is sit back and relax.

They arrived at their destination to find a party in full swing. Billy and Junior clambered out of the back seat and raced into the house. Dom climbed out and greeted a few of the guests. Realizing that they were obviously staying for a bit, Orlando exited the car and leaned his arse against it. He didn't know anybody and felt rather uncomfortable.

Billy returned a short time later puffing heavy on a cigarette.

"You don't mind if I smoke do you? What did you say your name was, Orlando?"

Orlando didn't know which question to answer so he just nodded his head. Billy took that as a positive response, grinned and puffed away. Orlando looked around the crowded yard. The party seem to flow from the house into the yard and back again. Teens and young adults were everywhere. There were a few couples but mostly singles males.

Dom, seeing how lost Orlando looked, returned to the car and stood with his friend.

"We won't stay long."

Dom's reassuring words and closeness calmed Orlando. He didn't like large crowds and he really didn't like dealing with new people. People had a tendency to make fun of his accent besides he sucked at small talk.


Orlando quickly grew bored, Dom had abandoned him after all and the other two were nowhere in sight. He stared off into the distance, his eyes losing focus as they drifted lazily over the party goers. He had pretty much decided to stick it out when Billy came bouncing back out of the crowd. He looked excited and very determined. Two traits that reminded Orlando a whole lot of Dom. He was followed closely by Junior and the most devastatingly handsome boy that Orlando had ever seen, save one. The god-like figure moved with confidence and raw strength. He was tall, lean and though Orlando couldn't tell in the dim light he thought the new comer would also be bronzed. Orlando licked his lips at the thought of those powerful arms holding him tight.

'Whoa, where did that come from.'

Orlando was shocked by his reaction to the new comer, shocked by his thoughts and the fact that other parts of him were taking notice. This was the kind of thing he'd been trying to avoid but there was no denying the beautiful beast that had stopped in front of him especially since said "beautiful beast" was returning his gaze. Orlando's heart raced and his face felt flushed and he didn't even want to talk about what his lower half was doing. He was just glad that he still wore the loose, heavy khaki instead of the skin tight jeans he once favored. The sturdy material hide a multitude of sins.

Through the din of the blood pounding through his ears he detected that Billy was speaking and Dom was answering. It sounded like Billy was asking Dom to take them someplace but he wasn't sure. Orlando hadn't taken his eyes off the gorgeous body in front of him.

"Let's go, Lando."


"We're taking Billy, Junior and Karl back to the hotel."

'Karl. The god had a name.'

Orlando stared up into Karl's face. He had a burnet mane of hair that was fell to his shoulders and blue-green, no hazel, eyes. They weren't as startling as Junior's but there was nothing ordinary about them either. In fact there was nothing ordinary about any part of Karl. He had broad shoulders and an equally broad chest that stretched the limits of the Led Zeppelin t-shirt he was wearing. The t-shirt was tucked into tight jeans that hugged his slim waist and long legs. My god, those legs went on forever or so it seemed. His feet were shod with heavy work boots giving a solid foundation to this mountain of a man/boy.


"Yeah, let's go."

Orlando fumbled behind his butt for the door handle without taking his eyes off Karl. It was as if he expected his god to disappear if he shifted his eyes. Somewhere in his befuddled brain he also realized that he was probably making a fool of himself but his bodily reaction overruled his call for sanity and decorum. Orlando latched onto the handle and pulled. "Okay."

Orlando had to take his eyes from Karl to get into the car. He settled himself in his seat and then watched in amazement as Dom tossed Karl the keys and climbed in the back seat with Billy and Junior. Dom never let anyone drive his "baby". His parents kept the car under a canvas cover and only touched it when they turned the engine over every once a week. Orlando had endured hours hearing about Dom's precious car. To see a total stranger slide behind the wheel was just too much and slide he did.  Karl slid into the driver's seat as if his arse had been oiled and started up the Mustang.

'Oiled arse. In the driver's seat. Is it getting hot in here?'

Orlando jerked his head around and stared out the front window. Anything to avoid looking at Karl and letting his mind drift where it had been heading. Orlando had little experience with sex. His fumbling grope with a high school friend didn't count for much and as for the other man in his past he was on the receiving end of the groping. Orlando had read a book or two and sneaked a peek at a couple of gay porn videos but that only told him where everything went not what he would feel while it was happening.

Karl started the muscle car, put it in gear and peeled out of the yard. Orlando reached out to hold onto something and encountered a tight thigh. He jerked his hand away but it was caught in a tight grip before he could find something less fleshy to grab. Orlando looked down to see Karl's slim finger wrapped around his. He watched in fascination as Karl returned Orlando's hand to his leg. Patting the trembling digits he returned his own fingers to the steering wheel. Karl negotiated the dusty back roads like an expert. Orlando chanced a sideways look at him when ever he dared. More often than not he found Karl's blue eyes peering back at him. He'd swallow hard and stare out the front window.

As their car came even with a mini mart Billy yelled at Karl to pull in. Karl turned the wheel sharply and slid in the parking lot. Billy and Junior jumped out and headed into the store. Karl, Dom and Orlando stayed outside by the car. Billy and Junior quickly returned with a request for some wine cooler. All the boys were under the legal age except for Orlando. He felt uncomfortable about buying alcohol but he had always been a pleaser and didn't want the others to think he was a nerd. Wine cooler sounded innocent enough so he went inside and purchased a couple of bottles. With alcohol in hand Karl drove them to a secluded area and pulled way off the road. Dom, Billy and Junior got comfort in the back seat with the wine and some smokes. Orlando left the car and sat on the back bumper. He needed the fresh air and to distance himself from his friend.

Orlando wasn't sure when he lost control though it was probably the minute he walked out the door with Dom. They had been gone for hours. It was dark now. Orlando had bought alcohol and fondled a stranger's leg. This is not how he had imagined his holiday to go. He expected to be reading some boring book or watching sports on the TV.

Karl joined Orlando behind the car. He scooted up beside him and passed a bottle to him. Orlando looked at the liquid with deep concern. He had never drank anything the less bit alcoholic not even champagne. He carefully took a small sip, liking the taste he drank a bit more. Karl moved closer and placed his palm on the small of Orlando's back. It was an innocent and friendly gesture. He didn't message his back or move his fingers around. He just held it still in a gesture of friendship. Orlando looked up at the other guy. Karl's forehead was wrinkled in concern. Was Karl worried about him or did he just think he had lost his chance to get into Orlando's pants?

Orlando took pity on the sad fellow and gave him a small lop-sided grin. Karl stuck his hand out, "Hi, I'm Karl and you are?"

Orlando giggled at the absurdity of the situation. He didn't know Karl, Karl didn't know him but he already felt like they were attracted to one another. Orlando inclined his head toward Karl and answered, "I'm Orlando."

"You have a sexy accent, Orlando."

Orlando giggled again and blushed.

"I could say the same about you. You're not from around here are you."

"No, I was born in Auckland. Moved here with my folks six years ago. Sometimes I think Billy and Junior are the only ones who keep me sane living amongst all these yanks."

"I know what you mean. Dom is the only one I have to talk to at times."

Karl moved closer and slid his arm up to encircle Orlando's shoulder.

"Well now you have me."

Karl could feel the other boy tremble and wasn't sure if he was nervous or cold. He had seen Orlando's reaction when he accidently touched his leg. Even when Karl kept Orlando's hand in place Orlando never completely eased up. Karl rubbed the Brit's arm.

"Are you cold?"


"You're shaking. What's wrong?"

Orlando didn't want Karl to know how new he was to all this so he shrugged it off as nothing.

Karl didn't accept Orlando response and gently guided the slim body into his arms. He wrapped both arms around Orlando and pressed his head to his broad chest. Orlando remained tense, he was scared to death to move. He wanted to be right where Karl put him but didn't know how to proceed. Should he put his arms around Karl or wait for Karl to send him a signal? Karl's hands moving slowly up and down his back. His touch was light and gentle. Orlando's heart beat increased and he felt suddenly warm all over. He wrapped his arms around Karl's waist and melted into his warmth. Orlando would have been happy to stay just like that all night but a disturbance from the backseat drew both of their attentions. Dom and Billy carrying on making it impossible for the two to relax. Karl looked down at his companion and kissed his forehead.

"We better get those two back to the hotel."

"Don't want to move. Was just getting use to this."

"I know but there is always tomorrow. You are staying a bit longer, yeah."


"Good, we can do something then."


Orlando hugged Karl once more and let go. The two returned to the car to find Dom leaning over Billy. Junior relaxed on the other side of the car with a content smile on his face that spoke of someone who had already gotten off at least once. Could Dom have been messing around with both of them? It was possible especially after his behavior on the Greyhound.

They returned to the trailer instead of the hotel and left the boys there. Karl gave Orlando a chaste kiss on the cheek and said good-night. Dom and Orlando went back to his parent's house and after a brief and edited description of their evening activities retired to the bedroom.
As Orlando lay there next to Dom his mind whirled. He had been trying to deny his sexuality and fit into the college life he had been given. He had left one relationship in his past and ended a more recent one. He didn't deny that he was gay but put it on the back burner (then turned off the burner) hoping it would just go away on it own. But it was back in full force with the entrance of the enchanting Karl. What did he do now?


Another Option - Epilogue

Title: Another Option - Epilogue
Author: Seremala
Pairing: Will/Diego
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t know them. I’m not making anything from this. I’m just using the characters for my own fantasy.
Summary: Will had grown tired of being captain, perhaps a wounded stranger can give him another option.
Beta: I have none. All the mistakes are mine.
Banner: A Present from the talented Dreamerwings(Cat)

twenty-one years laterCollapse )

Another Option Chapter 6

Title: Another Option 6/6
Author: Seremala
Pairing: Will/Diego
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t know them. I’m not making anything from this. I’m just using the characters for my own fantasy.
Summary: Will had grown tired of being captain, perhaps a wounded stranger can give him another option.
Beta: I have none. All the mistakes are mine.
Banner: A Present from the talented Dreamerwings(Cat)

It's been over a year since I last posted to this story. Wow, can't believe it has been that long. Please forgive the delay. For those of you who might still be interested it is finally finished. A lot has happened in the last year. Too much to mention. My epilogue turned into another whole chapter but no fear the epilogue is already finished and will be posted in a few days. In case you are seeing this for the first time or just want to read it again it starts here.

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Mar. 27th, 2008

Title: You're a Fine Boy (Chapter 2a)
Author: Seremala
Rating: PG for suggested sexual situations
Pairings: Orlando/Viggo (eventually)
Beta: None, unless someone would like to volunteer.

Disclaimer: This is all make-believe. I don't know them, I'm only using their names and don't plan to make money from this.

Summary: AU Orlando is looking for a better life.

The trek up the wall of rocks still proves difficult due to my fatigue and empty belly. I received but a few morsels of food each day even though I was surrounded by edible goods. The fat slob of a cook watched me like a hawk and threatened to have me whipped again if I even thought of tasting the food I was forced to help prepare. The sting of the stripes decorating my back kept me in line. I had no desire to revisit that torture.

When I think about it, the galley was a far safer haven for me than up on deck amongst the crew. Suggestive comments and lurid gestures had been made in connection to my possible previous employment when I was dragged from my hiding place and thrust into the midst of the crew. Growing up in a whorehouse gave me little opportunity to acquire the clothing of a respectable young man. The ladies of the house delighted in dressing me for seduction even though I had never known a woman or man. I had finally been thrown to the wolves the night of my escape and none to soon because I knew of one patron who had set his eyes on me determined to claim my innocence.

On board ship it was no different, all assumed I was a whore and a few wished to taste my pleasures especially the first mate. Though a ruggedly attractive man in my estimation I had no desire to lay with him or any other. The first mate requested my "assistance" in his quarters but was denied by the ultra-conservative captain. The captain gave me to the cook and told him to keep me out of sight. Suggesting that my presence was having a detrimental effect on his crew. He was happy to see me off his ship and off his hands.

I shiver at the thought of what use the first mate would have made of me and renewed my climbing. So lost in the recent past that I had actually halted my progress up the stone path.

I shiver again and realize it was not due to memory but a cold breeze from off shore. A storm had sneaked up on me and threatened to douse me with rain. I force back the fatigue and the aches and increased my speed vowing to reach the relative safety of the lighthouse before the heavens opened up.

I reach the summit of the wall just as the first chilly drops hit my shoulders. My body struggles to keep moving forward but the climb had sapped my meager strength. My legs feel like rubber and the half healed cuts on my back burn where my shirt had adhered to the scabby wounds causing a few to bleed again.

I drop to my knees, my sides heaving and my breath coming in gasps. The rain pelts my body soaking through my shirt and cooling my abused skin. It gives me a fleeting burst of energy that carries my on hands and knees to the base of the lighthouse.

When I reach the threshold I dig deep for my last ounce of strength. Balling up my fist and pound twice on the solid looking door. I have no idea whether my meager announcement will be heard through the thick wooden door and over the howling of the wind. For the second time that day I succumb to the painless dark of unconsciousness. I never see the door creak open or hear the gasped statement from the occupant.

"My stars, it's a boy"

Title: You're a Fine Boy (Chapter 1b)
Author: Seremala
Rating: G (this chapter)
Pairings: Orlando/Viggo (eventually)
Beta: None, unless someone would like to volunteer.

Disclaimer: This is all make-believe. I don't know them, I'm only using their names and don't plan to make money from this.

Summary: AU Orlando is looking for a better life.

I was indeed sitting on a beach though I don’t know how I got there. From the way I was laying and the fact that I was still quite wet, I’d guess that I crawled out of the surf or was washed ashore.

How did I get here? No wait, the memory returns. I remember being forced to work in the galley for my keep and then being tossed overboard like so much trash just as the ship was entering the bay. I pleaded and begged the captain to be merciful and let me ashore at the dock but he slapped me hard for my impudence and gave the order. I struggled to free myself from the grimy, grasping hands, latching onto the railing in a last desperate attempt but rough hands pried my fingers loose and lifted my free of the railing. Cruel laughter accompanied my screams as I was thrown into the drink.

I hit the water and sank like an anchor. You wouldn’t think a skinny lad like me would be so heavy. Perhaps it was the lack of regular meals.

I remember pushing myself to the surface and coughing up saltwater and bile. It was still dark but the beam from shore gave me direction and I swam toward it. My last thoughts were of the heaviness of my weakened limbs as I struggled to reach land. I can only assume that I hit solid ground before succumbing to the waves and death.

The beach is deserted. Not a soul in sight. Not even a fisherman plying his trade. The stretch of sand is hemmed in by a wall of craggy rocks. To the right of me is a rugged jetty pushing out into the sea.

I stand to survey my situation and spy a lighthouse perched on the top of cliff over the jetty. It must have been its light that I saw the night before. The rocks are too high for me to see the port that my ship had been heading for. I will need to gain some height in order to get my bearings. I need to get out of the sun and find water, too. My face is sunburned from my morning on the beach and I hadn’t had fresh water since the day I sneaked aboard the ship.

Gaining height looked to be a problem. The rocks surrounding my cove looked sharp-edged and scorching hot. It could be problematic for a lad with no shoes.

Upon considering the situation and the landscape I happened to spy a series of worn steps in the rocks leading up to the lighthouse. Perhaps a path used by numerous lighthouse keepers to access this private cove. The rocks were worn into a course staircase probably from hundreds of boots scraping over them in the years since the lighthouse had been constructed. Sharp edges that had been worn smooth to provide a kinder path for bare, sore feet.

My thirst would only increase when the sun reached its zenith so I might as well get started. I hope that someone is home at the lighthouse.